Homage to Lucia Rikaki


Greek filmmaker, producer, curator and writer Lucia Rikaki strove against several odds to actively create a critical public sphere in Greece. Rikaki was a dynamic presence in the Greek visual media scene, producing awareness-raising documentaries, embracing the use of new social networking technology to bring young people into filmmaking, and organising film festivals such as Ecofilms and Kos International Health Film Festival. Rikaki also served as president of the European Producers Network, on the governing board of the Greek Film Directors and Producers Union and as cinema coordinator for the 3rd World Summit on Media for Children.

Using clips from her films, Lucia’s audio interview and visuals, Magic Lantern Foundation would remember her pioneering role in setting up the Health Film Festival, her positions on aesthetics and politics and her immense charm and spirit. An important friend of Indian documentary, Lucia Rikaki was present at Persistence Resistance 2011 and charmed all with her grace, intelligence and ready wit.

Link: www.persistenceresistance.in