Women’s stories this week

Women's stories this week

A prolific filmmaker died this week: a documentarian and feature filmmaker, a director, writer, producer and cinematographer. If you’re like me, you haven’t heard of her unless. you know something about Greek film. In fact, Lucia Rikaki’s death was announced in only one place that I could find through a google search, a Greek newspaper, without other mentions until more than a day after I searched. There’s still little information available. Everything I’ve read since seeing her death announced paints her as an enormously ambitious, motivated and involved person. She was dedicated to the arts and not only worked on her own films, but helped set up organizations to support other artists. What’s very strange is that she had a big online presence and her work is still floating around out there. What will happen to it now?

You can watch a video of Rikaki talking about one of her most recent works, a documentary film about an international school in Cyprus that she shot over two years, Dreams in Another Language.

Link: her-film.com