Lucia Rikaki

Lucia Rikaki biography

Lucia Rikaki was born on 14 July 1961 in Piraeus, Greece. She studied history of art, graphic design, cinema and photography at Dartington College of Arts in Devon, England (1979-1981). In 1984 she founded "Orama Films" producing art films, TV programmes and theatrical plays. In 1995 she created "104 Art Theater Stage", and "The Comedy Club" the only stand-up comedy venue to date in Greece. In 2000 she created her production company Tricky Trick Films Ltd. She has also founded and directed the following institutions: Rodos International Film & Visual Arts Festival; Kos International Film & Visual Arts Festival; and Balkan Script Fund. She has served as Documentary Programmer of the Dubai International Film Festival; Greek Delegate for Sarajevo Film Festival; General Secretary of the Greek Film Directors-Union; President of The European Producers Network; Member of the Governing Boards of EURO Aim Documentary, Map TV; Cinema Coordinator for the 3rd World Summit on Media for Children; and Member of the Greek Ministry of Culture Advisory Board on Cinema.

Lucia Rikaki's filmography includes the following: Feature Films: A Trip to Australia (1991); Quartet in 4 Movements (1994); Dancing Soul (1999); Comedy Nights (2001); Hold Me (2006); You Hurt My Heart (2007); You, My Mirror (2009); Feature Documentaries: Words of Silence (2002); Tonight at the Comedy Club (2002); The Aegean in the Words of the Poets (2003); The Other (2004); Commons: What We Hold In Common (2006); Does Humor Travel (2006); Meant to Leave (2008); Sing Along (2009); Documentaries: The Journey of Dionysos (1984); The Path (1986); Prellude to Africa (1993); Maria Farantouri - Leo Brouwer: The Film (1989)European House (1990); In the Traces of the Argonauts (1992); Falsified Expectations (2000); Greek illustrators (2001); Bookreading: A Game in Schools (2002); Culture Games (2002); Small Things that Matter(2008); Theater Documentaries: Bacchae (1985); 20th Century Dance (1987); Ancient Drama Contemporary Views (1987); Medea Material (1988); Quartet (1993); SurrealEros (1996); Memory Land (1997); Shorts: 14 Documentaries on Contemporary Arts & Artists (1984-1988)Suzie's Walk (1982); Open a Door for Nicola (1999); Embracing the Tree (2000); Now we Travel (2000); Window of Time (2002); Our Own Pleasures (2007); Ellie Griva: Yes. The Bound Home (2009); Art Theater Stage: Comedy Nights at The Comedy Club in Greece (1995-2004); Ulysses Dialogues (1998); The Blossom of the Sea (1998); Musica II (1997); SurrealEros (1996); and Orgia (1995).

Lucia Rikaki died on 28 December 2011, aged just 50 years, after a long battle with cancer.

By Megakles Rogakos