Tales of Love and Hope

Tales of Love and Hope

Lucia Rikaki wrote a book of fairy tales. It is a gift of a book, a book that takes us on a journey packed with emotion. Tears are the secret rain that allow us to bloom all over again, just like the dream that we draw with coloured pencils when walking in between the sea and the sky, in the land of the horizon. This is exactly where these fairy tales were born, on the horizon, celebrating fertile love, looking full of hope at restless souls existing side by side. These fairy tales advocate a warm embrace as being the most fruitful gesture. They advocate ceaseless mental adventure as the only condition that can really make us fly.

There are some books you wish would never end, would keep caressing you tenderly for ever. There are some caresses you wish would never end, would keep perceiving you for ever, with secret curiosity, with fingers full of words and fairy tales, with palms that sooth the tender skin with caressing strokes. A treasure of life's journeys – that's what fairy tales are. They are games with words and myths. So is this book, which you can read in any order you like: from the end to the beginning, like the Arabs, or from the middle to the end, or in the conventional way, from the beginning. Or you can just open it at a page. Let's say, you ask someone to think of a question, or something they are wondering about, or of a wish, and then get them to tell you a number, any number. You then open the book to that page and read it to them. All these fairy tales will have something to tell you, they will also have something to tell the listener, and you will have something to tell them. These fairy tales allow you to create the time and place, instead of simply letting time pass whilst fleeting from one place to another. These fairy tales allow you to cheat time.

*The book was published by Apopeira Editions in 2009 and is also available as an e-Book

Hold me

Hold me

This is a book of true stories on the subject loss, which were shared between people from all over Greece who did not know each other, and thanks to which a film was made – the first Greek film to originate on the Internet.

"Poetry never ends. With cruelty, it comes with wings of silver and henna, like a flash from a lost boat. It comes with the remains of the forgotten trees, comes as a magician pulling thunders out of our hearts. Simply, it walks in the rain with an umbrella made of a sun leaves; searching for a colour; a bright colour; a face: Your face! A poet steals the words from the opened windows; just like a crow! Searching in chained circles for a drop, a crystal drop, a life. Rain! Rain in us. Many drops, many crystals. A colour, all colours. So we can live many lives!"
Masoud Amralla Al Ali(From the back cover of the book.)

*The book was published by Polytropon Editions in 2006


All’s well that ends well – William Shakespeare

A proverbial phrase which expresses a good ending to an adventure, a love story, a turmoil, a difficult journey, a storm, or even an unpleasant incident. An estimate which we make relieved, when we see hope approaching, a door suddenly opening out of the dead end, that “every cloud has a silver lining”. All the stories in this book have a good ending, but they are all unpredictable. Written in difficult times, they don’t merely claim a right to happiness, beauty, redemption and smile; they gain it, because their echo lasts, as they are signed by great writers. 

Maro Vamvounaki, Vassilis Vassilikos, Michael Gennaris, Kostis Gisomoulis, Stephen Dandolos, Lena Divani, Yannis Kalpouzos, Nena Kokkinaki, Panayotis Kousathanas, Andrew Mitsou, Christos Oikonomou, Makis Panorios, Manolis Pratikakis, Lucia Rikaki, Antonis Sourounis, Alexis Stamatis, Dimitris Stefanakis, Fotini Tsalikoglou, Michael Fakinos, Thanassis Cheimonas and Nikos Chryssos, they all seek a good ending and they finally find it. It is up to the reader to see it too by himself, in order for him to find a good ending to his own story.

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*The book was published by Kastaniotis Editions in 2012