"Quartet In Four Movements"

Quartet in four movements

ATHENS Producer/director Lucia Rikaki describes Quartet In Four Movements as "a film about the power of love and human emotions".

Alexandra (Themis Bazaca) and Andonis (Constandinos Constandopoulos) are a thirtysomething couple whose relationship is suddenly threatened by Stephen, a famous composer (George Corraface), and Claire, a beautiful young photographer (Ourania Ghioni). Music plays a paramount part in the film: the award- winning Polish Composer Zbigniew Preisner wrote the film's score, which is meant to be a powerful metaphor for the pas­sionate interplay among the main characters.

Rikaki is Greece's foremost independent producer. Her last ven­ture, Marco Bellochio's The Dream Of The Butterfly (II Sogno Della Farfalla), opened the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival. Quartet In Four Movements is Rikaki's second di­rectorial attempt; ft follows her debut, Trip To Australia, in 1991 Rikaki financed the $1.4m Quartet In Four Movements via her own company, Orama films - which holds a majority stake of 40% in the film and a mixture of Greek state funding and for­eign backers. The Greek Film Centre put up 5% of the budget, and 10% came from Greece's Movies Ltd. Foreign partners in­clude Germany's! Studio L and France's Cinema Treize, each with a 20% stake. Sony Music International provided the remaining 5% of the budget in return for the international music rights to the Preisner score. Additional aid was granted by the European Script Fund and Media's Scaleinitiative.

Quartet In Four Movements will wrap on July 30, after a nine- week shoot in Athens and the island of Andros. Following two months of post-production, the film will receive its Greek premiere at the Thessaloniki Festival In November. Orama Films has Internatlonal rights.

Alexis Grivas