“Let’s introduce ourselves to the society”

“Let’s introduce ourselves to the society”

PUBLISHED: 27/06/2010 6:46

Only investing in Art can yield wonderful results. Fortunately there are still some very important initiatives and projects around the world, which provide an inspirational and very practical answer to all those who support that in times of crisis, investment in Art is useless – a position both irresponsible and oblivious of history.

Art gives a wonderful breath of life, it gives souls the wings to fly beyond the grim reality. This is what Art causes, a lifting; and this is what the material wealth, trapped in its ephemeral nature, cannot offer. World history of the mankind has confirmed this over and over, and confirms it still. But Art has here is also the huge responsibility to re-introduce itself directly and effectively to the society. To renounce any embellishments which deform its content. Because they want us to keep our eyes fixed to the box office.

But Art’s true funds rely in the lifting, and that’s what Art should give back to society, instead of caressing its foul instincts. Only then is resurrection possible. We should win back the materials from which real life is made. All the people of art share the huge responsibility and obligation towards this goal.

Lucia Rikaki

Source: http://www.tovima.gr/opinions/article/?aid=340309