personal interviews
Title Newspaper/Blog Date
What is it that every so often burns the earth and the soul? 11-08-2014
"Dreams in another language" 19-12-2012
“My safety is in my loneliness” "Nemesis" magazine 07-01-2012
MY WAY Life Manifesto: "Embrace those deeply insubordinate..." 29-12-2011
“I look for the positive. It brings me peace in my work.” 25-10-2011
The “Salvation Plan” of Lucia Rikaki 20-10-2011
"Memories from Ritsos’s sanatorium" 18-10-2011
‘We rule out films by corporates’ Down To Earth 15-08-2011
What should we do? Filmmaker Lucia Rikaki answers 14-01-2011
"Lucia Rikaki, the "soul" of Ecofilms 2010" Angelioforos Newspaper 08-10-2010
Lucia Rikaki: Yes, there are such wonderful Greeks… therefore the Salvation plan is feasible 09-09-2010
Lucia Rikaki talks to Kulturosupa... Kulturosupa 28-08-2010
"Whatever valuable we define as life" Μomento magazine 01-07-2010
“Let’s introduce ourselves to the society” "To Vima" newspaper 27-06-2010
“Let΄s look at ourselves honestly in the mirror" Eleutherotypia newspaper 06-05-2010
“Everybody's role is to be in a state of spiritual alertness" "Patris" newspaper 17-04-2010
Lucia Rikaki: Conversations with the Moon at Greek beaches "Ta Nea" newspaper 07-09-2009
Excerpt from the feature story “What Women Want” "Tachydromos" magazine 28-03-2009
“I explore my limits every day” 01-05-2008
"Hold me" 15-02-2008
"The internet and poetry are not adversaries" "Ta Nea" newspaper 28-07-2007
Hold Me: A film by Lucia Rikaki showing in the (EFM) market with a website 23-01-2007
Interview: Lucia Rikaki, programmer, Dubai International Film Festival 26-11-2005