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Lucia Rikaki's "Dreams in Another Language" has been included in the Collective Eye Films pool, under the category "Multicultural Studies".

Dreams in another language (educational)

Directed by: Lucia Rikaki
Produced by: Lucia Rikaki
Released: 2010
Running Time: 68 min
Subjects: Children, Youth & Family, Multicultural Studies, Sociology

The Faneromeni school was built in the town of Nicosia in 1859. With the Turkish invasion in 1974, the town was abandoned by inhabitants and the Faneromeni school stopped functioning. Years later, Immigrant workers started settling in the abandoned old town and gradually their children started attending the school. Today, there are over 46 teachers and 216 students from 21 nationalities that attend. Most of the students come from former Soviet Union countries, other from Iraq, Bulgaria, the Philippines, China and Turkey. The children not only learn, but they also teach, encouraged by their teachers to convey elements from their civilization to other children. This is an original educational experiment, a creative game of coexistence in a town inhabited by new citizens and foreign workers that have been arriving from all over the world to seek a better future in Cyprus.

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AWARDS: 1st award for best Greek documentary & best editing award at the 4th Chalkida Docfest 2010

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