Screening of Lucia Rikaki’s documentaries at the Yugoslav Film Archive

A screening of two of Lucia’s documentaries, The Aegean through the words of the poets and Dreams in another language was held at the Yugoslav Film Archive on Thursday, July 30 2015. The screening was organized as an afternoon side event of the 10th International Youth Media Summit for that day.

In line with the subjects touched upon by the summit, the two documentaries were met with enthusiasm by the audience. The event was introduced by the Head of Organizing Committee of the 10th Summit, Miomir Rajcevic, long-time friend and collaborator of Lucia’s. After the screenings, copies of the two documentaries, as well as a copy of Lucia’s feature film “Hold Me”, were donated to the Yugoslav Film Archive.




The 10th International Youth Media Summit («ENDLESS YOUTH MEDIA CREATIVITY») was held in Belgrade, Serbia between July 27th and August 7th 2015. The Summit was focused on intercultural, innovative and interactive educational technologies, media and information literacy and the development of film, TV, radio and Internet tools for communication, cooperation and positive change in society. The International Youth Media Summit (IYMS) was founded to capitalize on the energy of youth and the dynamic power of media to create a peaceful, cooperative world community. Over the past ten years, countries from all over the globe have sent delegations to IYMS, an annual event that brings together high school and college students passionate to make a difference.

The 10th IYMS’s goal was to work on Media like tool for Conflict Resolution, to include as many young people as possible from the Western Balkans and Danube Region (especially from marginalized groups of young people, rural population, sexual minorities, the Roma population, young people with disabilities etc.). Also, the IYMS aspires to promote (multi) media education as the best tool for development in a sustainable society (fast, understandable and exchangeable), supporting social justice in a multicultural environment and building interactive educational platforms for effective social inclusion, to help in understanding differences, to uphold the right to participate and to build New Media Pedagogy.

Watch the promotional video of the 10th Summit on vimeo