MFI Script 2 Film Workshops

Expert Lucia Rikaki & participant Angeliki Antoniou (Greece), Samos

MFI Script 2 Film Workshops, in which Lucia Rikaki participated in the quality of the expert, is an advanced script & project development program, based on group work, Q&Α sessions, case studies and individual consultations. Its primary objective is to fully develop the participating screenplays, from first or subsequent draft to final draft, through a process of workshops that emphasize on script analysis, revision and rewriting, in order to enhance the participating projects’ quality as works of art and their dramatic impact on film audiences.

In the same time, the activity treats screenplays as the basis of the film production and analyzes the participating projects from a 360° angle, offering European film professionals an integrated knowledge of all aspects of project development. The aim is to introduce participants to the international industry practices, offer them the tools to improve their project’s potential in terms of markets & audiences, and help them reach the stage of production.

MFI's track record consists of more than 300 projects from all over Europe being developed in its previous activity, MFI Script Workshops. A great deal of these works have been produced, resulting to films that have been successfully distributed internationally, and participated in prestigious film festivals, winning awards and distinctions. Among others, 2003 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Film 'Nowhere in Africa', by writer/director Caroline Link, was one of the projects effectively developed in MFI Script Workshops.