Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki"

The Film Society of Samothraki has changed its name, and will be from now on: Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki".

Our decision reflects our desire to promote the important artistic and educational work of Lucia Rikaki. We also felt compelled to show our gratitude to the family of Lucia Rikaki, for their recognition and contribution to our Film Society, in the remote island of Samothraki.

About Samothraki Arthouse Cinema:

At the island of Samothraki, there was only one movie theater, and it was closed in the '80s. From 2006 on, there is an active Film Society, which this year has been renamed after Lucia Rikaki, after a generous donation by the family of the notable director.

Screenings are held at the Cultural Centre "Ergostasio", a former factory of sweet conserves, which has been suitably arranged. Screenings are made using a projector and dvd reader or a laptop. During the winter, there are weekly screenings and entrance is free or donations can be made at will. In the summer, we have daily screenings with tickets.

Cinema in the country and the islands: In search of hope | reel.gr (in Greek)

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Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2014

An evening dedicated to Lucia

Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2015

Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2016

Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2017


“An innovative educational – but not only so – institution has been founded by School of Cinema and the Film Society of the Center of Athens. The institution is rightly named after Lucia Rikaki, the radical and pioneering cinematographer, writer and organizer of many important to the community festival events. Enrollment is to start soon (participation will obviously be free) and an announcement for the first meeting of the members will follow. The Cine - Reading Club “Lucia Rikaki” will meet twice a month and will only undertake readings of suggested books about cinema. It will organize presentations of cinema books, in the presence of their authors and in collaboration, if possible, of publishing houses. It will have a permanent seat (26-28 Tsamadou St., at Exarcheia) but meetings will take place elsewhere, after suggestion of the members.

Source: http://camerastyloonline.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/kinimatografiki-lesxi-anagnosis-lucia-rikaki/

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