In Her Own Voice: History, Memory and Female Subjectivity in Greek Cinema

The Modern Greek Program (Department for Classical Studies, LSA), together with Confucius Institute at the University of Michigan, organized and hosted an event under the title

"History and Culture in Chinese and Greek Film"

on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, Aprin 1, 2016.

On March 31, as part of the event, Professor Vassiliki Rapti, who teaches Greek cinema, theatre, language and literature at Harvard University, gave a lecture about female subjectivity in Greek cinema:

"In Her Own Voice: History, Memory and Female Subjectivity in Greek Cinema" 

Abstract: Within the male-dominated Greek cinema, several pioneering women directors made their appearance in the 1980s and distinguished themselves to the point that we can talk about a feminine Greek cinematic vision. This talk will focus on the distinct features of this powerful yet little known cinematic vision, and tackle female subjectivity as caught up in between History and memory. By analyzing several path-breaking films such as The Price of Love (1984) and Crystal Nights (1992) by Tonia Marketaki, Love Wanders in the Night (1981) and The Years of the Big Heat (1991) by Frieda Liappa, and Hold Me (2006) and the documentary The Aegean in the Words of Poets (2003) by Loukia Rikaki, where the personal drama is conditioned by the larger circumstances, it will show how female subjectivity is shaped by desire nurtured by memory and agency against History.

The lecture was held at 6-6:50, was preceded by a lecture by Jing Zhang, Associate Professor in New College of Florida, "Lost Child or Lost Fatherhood?: Confucian Structure of Feeling Reinterpreted in Contemporary Chinese Language Cinema" (5-5:50) and followed by a discussion session (6:50-7:20).

On April 1, 2016, film screenings were held at Angell Hall Auditorium

6 pm : Dearest (2014). 130 min. Directed by Peter Chan
8:10 pm : The Aegean in the Words of the Poets (2003). 61 min. Directed by Loukia Rikaki

Read the announcement and full program of the event