Event Venue Date
Zbigniew Preisner Film Music and Classical at Athens Megaron Concert Hall Athens Megaron Concert Hall 04-11-2018
Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2017 Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki" 31-07-2017
THREE DROPS OF MEMORY - A musical narrative, based on allegorical fairy-tales of Lucia Rikaki 14-07-2017
"The Aegean through the words of the poets:" Screening at Fotodos (Nicosia) Fotodos 19-01-2017
In memory of Lucia, from the ERT archives ERT archives 28-12-2016
Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2016 Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki" 14-07-2016
Special screening of «Exotica, Erotica, Etc.», this years winner of the Lucia Rikaki Award for Best Documentary cinemag 03-04-2016
In Her Own Voice: History, Memory and Female Subjectivity in Greek Cinema University of Michigan, Ann Arbor | LSA Modern Greek 31-03-2016
7th Hellenic Film Academy Awards Ceremony Hellenic Film Academy 28-03-2016
Tribute by the ERT Archives to Lucia Rikaki (December 27-30, 2015) ERT archives 30-12-2015
Tribute to Lucia Rikaki at the 5th Athens International Digital Film Festival Athens International Digital Film Festival 19-12-2015
Presentation of Yannis Soldatos book on Greek cinema figures, featuring Lucia Rikaki Greek Federation of Film Societies 21-10-2015
Ippokrateia at Kos 2015: Screening in honor of director Lucia Rikaki Koans Society of Athens "Hippocrates" on Facebook 05-08-2015
Screening of Lucia Rikaki’s documentaries at the Yugoslav Film Archive Jugoslovenska kinotekа 30-07-2015
An evening dedicated to Lucia Lucia Rikaki Film Society at Samothraki 20-07-2015
Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2015 Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki" 06-07-2015
Summer Screenings at Samothraki Arthouse Cinema - 2014 Samothraki Arthouse Cinema "Lucia Rikaki" 23-07-2014
Awards 2014 Hellenic Film Academy 16-04-2014
Tales of Love and Hope "Alkmini" Theatre 08-03-2014
Tribute to Lucia Rikaki by the Benetatos Cultural Centre Cultural Center Benetatos - Municipality of Psychiko 20-01-2014