The Teachers

As Lucia was learning to express dreams and ideas, she was lucky enough to find inspired and endearing teachers, who would help her make her way in the world:

"An aggressive tenderness" 

When Lucia Rikaki first came at the Moraitis Secondary School, she was a wounded teenager with traumatic experiences difficult for a young person to handle; at the same time, she was such an interesting kid in so many ways. I’d say a very moody one, too. And tough, because she used to hide her sensitivity behind a mask of aggressiveness.

Right from the start, I myself, Matthaios Mountes and Nausica Margari took it upon us to help her out. We immediately found out about her talent. Her writings went well beyond the typical student essay. They were subversive, oddly, non-conformist, with a staccato style and a strong sense of rhythm. Then came her passion for cinema, not in the sense of a teenager avid movie fan, but with a solid theoretical knowledge, including esthetics, movements and techniques.

Nausica Margani, the responsible for the school magazine which has featured many of today’s authors, visual artists and scientists when they were still students, persuaded Lucia to publish a multi-page essay about cinema in the issue of her graduation year. It was a piece which could easily find a place in many specialized magazines even today. Lucia was only 18 years old.

She participated in the school’s cinema group and persuaded the principal to provide the group with cameras, so that cinema study could include some actual filming experience. Lucia was thinking and writing in images. Her school essays were more like short screenplays.

Lately we had become neighbors, our balconies were facing each other. We met each other often in the terrace of the church of St Charalambos, where her funeral was held two days ago.
She was always restless, in a hurry, with a witty sense of humor. Our last creative collaboration was a few years ago, when I was part of the jury for a contest organized by the “Archaiologia” magazine, which awarded the first prize to Lucia and her excellent “Aegean and its poets”. I could see the influence of Matthaios Mountes in that film of hers. Now she has joined him in the Elysian Fields…

Kostas Georgousopoulos, “An aggressive tenderness”, published in the newspaper Ta Nea, 04-01-2012 (in Greek)