Independent cinema, fantasy, summer, jasmine, dialogue, acceptance, love, experiment, different, alternative. When we started, ten years ago, we had something similar in mind, to tell you the truth; we didn’t know we would find such warm colloquists that would embrace our idea in that extend. So here we are, in warm embraces friendships with people that think and act outside of conventional throughout the world and manage to escape idleness and grumbling. These are people that smile at each day, enjoy the sun, they have an open mind and choose to walk barefoot. The festival is now a unique international platform for alternative and independent cinema that waives the norms of commercial transaction, highlights fertile thinking and action that is being produced all around the planet. Thought and action relative to a life in balance with nature, relative to all wisdom that can be found in nature.Each year, we host the most beautiful, optimistic and colorful the planet has to offer in the field of cinema. Films which do not pose at he box office but chose to reflect our souls as pure mirrors. And this choice has never betrayed us. (Lucia Rikaki)

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Kos International Health Film Festival Ippokratis is an initiative of Lucia Rikaki and her team which was generously endorsed by the Municipality of Kos Island in order to create the first meeting place -in the birthplace of Ippokratis- for members of the International Health community, artists and the audience in order to view, discuss and appreciate creative audiovisual works, on health and prevention. The Festival took place in 2009 and 2010 in Kos Island.

"We created the Film festival on the island of Kos during a time of crisis, to suggest a way of life that could save us, to enlighten those dynamic exceptions that point out other values, beyond wealth, that constitute the greatest living capital and only with those values a person can obtain equilibrium of body and soul, consequently good health. At this annual meeting of cinema and medicine, which is the only one in the world, we bring together films of great moral value and most probably, of low stock value, which shed light to those who serve Health with self denial, those who take care of their fellowman with generosity, those who care and actively attend to our well balanced life on this planet." (Lucia Rikaki)

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