Those closest to her said bidding her farewell:

Her brother, Thanasis Rikakis:

"We would like to thank all of Lucia's friends who are here today and all those who think of her with love these days. With so much love, her journey is undoubtedly warm and her memory, her influence, are to stay with us forever. Lucia asked to keep this day simple, without too many speeches, thus letting each of us establish our unique relationship with her and come up with our own goodbyes.

When Lucia found out she was ill she told our mother, Athina: “If life is to finish at 50, then I've lived it in red colours, mother”. And so, our mother is giving her 50 red roses to match the years she was with us. For this goodbye to Lucia, I would like to borrow some lines by Manolis Anagnostakis.

These verses may be the last

The last of the last that shall ever be written

For the future poets no longer exist

those who would speak all died young

Their songs of sorrow turned to birds

in other heavens that are lit by a strange sun

They turned to wild rivers rushing to the sea

you can't make out their waters

On their songs of sorrow a lotus tree has grown

its juice to bear us younger.


Then her partner, Nikos, read Lucia's letter:

My intellectual legacy in form of a letter adressed to young creators

I leave the management of my entire intellectual and creative work to Nikos Nikolaidis.

As an intellectual bequest, I leave this letter to new artists.

The most powerful outcome of a journey in creativity is the intellectual imprint on the soul and the life of the artist, which follows him or her.
The current cultural and educational landscape bears strong elements of ephemeral riches, fame, vanity and recognition.
In order to maintain your equilibrium and your personal spiritual truth, turn a deaf ear to it all.
We all have the strength to make our own choices, take a path that makes us and the others rich inside, keep away from the social sirens that allure us to shallow spiritual waters.
Read the poets, the philosophers, the church fathers. Their wisdom is crystallised in books so that you can reach and relish it.
When we look back at our lives, our vain accomplishments – even the major ones – are negligible compared to the truly spiritual endeavours overflowing from our souls. Focus on those!

December 2011, at a crucial moment of crystallization, insight and assessment.
Lucia Rikaki (written in my brother’s, Thanasis Rikakis’s hand)

A meeting of Lucia's friends at Ianos bookstore (February 1st, 2012)

Lucia's family and her partner Nikos organised a gathering at the bookshop Ianos on Wednesday 1 February 2012, five weeks after her passing, for her beloved friends to come together and share a few words about her.

They said and wrote about Lucia...

Nikos set up a magical gathering, by sending out a short invitation:

"For Lucia...

Five weeks later, on Wednesday, February 1, after 16:00, we are meeting at IANOS (24 Stadiou St.), to share a few words for Lucia.

Her family and her partner Nikos"

The place filled up, not a hint of noise, as if breaths were held back. Intimate. Nikos was walking among the people and they would share a memory, a wish, a cherished remembrance, words that asked for nothing, just flowed out spontaneously putting together a collage of memory, painful absence, tears, and our wishes. 

As Giannis Lappas put it: "Praise-in-memoriam".

Lucia must have heard something different was happening, something that expected nothing but had everything and gave it lavishly. A magical, inspired gathering.

You've enthralled our souls and memory tonight, Niko. You've filled our souls to the brim.
Athina Rikaki

The good thing about yesterday is that it can't be repeated. It will stay within us, an invaluable human moment.

Nikos Nikolaidis

"In a way we don't have to say farewell to Lucia since, as an artist, she is present through her work. We will miss her as a friend; we will miss her directness, her pedagogical stance (she loved teachers and believed in them), her generosity, her girlish laugh, and the ease with which she plunged into the wisdom of the poets even in the most adverse everyday reality. Till the end."
Eleni Skourtou

"Thank you for your message, Niko.
I couldn't make it to Athens. I reminisce, cry and smile wherever I find myself − not necessarily in this order.
My love and respect 
to you, Athina and Thanassi. 
Take care."

Stella Tsakiri